Business Plan Update

We start the year at a very exciting point in our project. During our public meeting in June 2023 we committed to completing our updated business plan by Christmas. We have been working hard on delivering this but were a little delayed in finalising the plan by the end of the year, as we were targeting. We are, however, pretty close. We have written most of  the report,  have collected all the necessary income and expenditure numbers from the existing hall and the comparison halls we have been looking at. We will need a couple of weeks to firm up our assumptions on the ongoing income and expenditure for our new hall and we will then circulate the draft plan to a small group for early feedback and comments as promised.

Next we will provide documentation and presentation material for engagement with the Parish Council and then the wider community. Our thanks to all those who have supported our fact finding and information gathering to date.

A very happy New Year to you all! As always, if you would like to offer your expertise and support we would love to hear from you. Please contact Mandy